The Circle Clutch is made from Buntal, a palm fiber manually extracted and hand woven from leaf stalks of the tropical Buri Palm.  Because of the painstaking process involved in extracting, processing and weaving Buntal, it is one of the most expensive handwoven fibers used to make bags.  The flap is adorned with an Abolone Circular shell and the lining is cloth.

There is an inner pocket and a chain strap for you to wear over your shoulder.

There are multiple color combinations including Mocha with Pawa shell, Red with White Shell, and Turquoise with Pawa shell.  

Since Buntal is eco-friendly and hand woven, it is not unusual for the material to fray over time.  If this happens, just cut the frayed part with a pair of sewing scissors.

Material: Body – Buntal (palm), Flap – Shell, Lining – Cloth

Size: W 8.2 inches x T 5.3 inches x D 2.4 inches

More Styles: